Frequent questions

Here you will find the most common doubts about our sensors

Plantae® consists of a solution of sensors that measure humidity, temperature and electrical conductivity at different depths. The sensors are introduced in the field and send readings automatically in real time, sending them wirelessly to a receiver / hub that in turn transfers the data to the Web Panel, accessible from a computer, tablet or mobile.

Our customers can optimize irrigation according to their needs, with the data and parameters of humidity, temperature and conductivity

  • Humidity, temperature and conductivity data in real time and without approaching the field
  • Simple to install and easy to move to other points
  • Irrigation optimization based on the humidity of the land: water savings, decrease in expenditure (fuel, electricity ...), improved crop productivity by providing the water you need or changing the form of irrigation (shorter cycles, hours of the day, etc.)

Any irrigated crop or support irrigation. It is implanted in professional gardening and several botanical gardens.

The minimum number of Plantae®Sensor sensors to be installed is 8 together with 1 Plantae®HUB receiver. However, the amount of sensors needed to make a good humidity control depends on the type of terrain, the irrigation sectors and the topography of the terrain. An approximate ratio can be 8 sensors every 2 hectares.

As you can see in this document, you can do a test installation for € 800 during the first year. Then, only the cost of the Panel should be renewed annually.

At Plantae® we set ourselves the challenge of getting sensors at an accesible price for any professional gardener. After 2 years of research and study we managed to develop a sensor and communication technology that would solve the current problems of the sector, for water saving and production optimization.

The cost of the installation will depend on your location and the type of terrain, but remember that it is very easy to install and even you can do it with traditional tools

If its malfunction is not due to theft, animal attack, weather events (except for rain, frost, snow, wind) or misuse by the customer, we will send a new sensor in less than 72 hours I can replace it.

Plantae® is a professional, simple and easy to interpret tool for anyone. We have a team of agronomists in charge of analyzing the land and interpreting the data successfully and looking for modifications in the irrigation, fertigation and fertilization plans.

We are working on several automatic irrigation solutions so you only have to control the tool and the data without worrying about activating or deactivating the irrigation.

We are developing salinity sensors and advancing in the measurement of temperature, humidity in the environment and flow meters integrated in our communication technology.

Not only do we look for a quality product at a good price, but we help make a more sustainable and efficient world. In 2050, it is estimated that food production will increase to 70%, therefore, more and more technology in precision agriculture and sensors is more important.

Plantae® is a Spanish company based in the Science Park of the Carlos III University of Madrid (Leganés, Madrid). All technology, product development and marketing are owned by Plantae® under the company Activa Proyectos Tech S.L.

Plantae® is made up of a team of 7 entrepreneurs, businessmen and engineers who have more than 40 years of experience in the sectors: aeronautical engineering, information technologies, new mobile technologies, logistics, agriculture and hospitality.