Given the variety of lawn for golf courses that we can find, we will try to explain what is most suitable for each area, focusing on the characteristics of our varied climate.

Once the ground is prepared and leveled, after installing the irrigation and avoiding slopes, collected stones and prepared the appropriate soil, the natural grass will be planted in the streets, tees, rough and semirough.

Each area should have the most suitable and mowed grass at the recommended height.

Types of turf for golf course

  • Festuca Arundinácea.
  • Bermuda:  Celebration, Latitude 36 and Tifway 419.
  • Paspalum vaginatum SeaIsle 2000.
  • Mix : Park, Verd and Continental
  • Agrostis: stolonifera Penncross, stolonifera L 93, stolonifera A 4,  stolonifera Tee One and  stolonifera A 1.
  • Dichondra repens.
  • Zoysia: Geo, Empire and Japan Zenith.
  • Lolium perennial
  • Mixed or hybridmix of artificial and natural.

    Césped híbrido en el campo de fútbol del Tenerife con sensores en el estadio
    Hybrid lawn

In rough areas, it is recommended that it is not very dense and very resistant to footsteps, withstand cold and heat, admits levels of shade, resistant to moisture and that it recovers easily in drier times.

For streets and tees of exit the grass must be compact and of thin leaf, resistant to plagues and other illnesses, resistant to the drought and that needs few fertilizers. The variety Bermuda gras meets these characteristics and is therefore widely used in southern Spain. Also the Hybrid Bermuda in the Mediterranean area and in the Canary Islands. In wetter areas it is more advisable Agrostis .

Tipos de césped para campos de golf
Types of turf for golf courses

Planting Preparation

Tanto la preparación de la capa de enraizamiento, que debe tener por normativa al meno 25 cms, como los elementos nutritivos y la mezcla idónea de semillas para el césped están reguladas por la normativa «UNE-41959-1» para campos de golf.

The table corresponds to the following types of weather:

  • 1-Atlantic.
  • 2-Continental.
  • 3-Mediterranean.
  • 4-Arid Mediterranean.
  • bis-Another option.

Mapa por tipo de clima-césped en campos de golf

Turf height in golf

The grass on a golf course must be cut dry, before watering , and its height depends on the type of route.

  • Exit tee: Flat surface of short grass from where the first hit is made.
  • Green: c Extremely short and usually in a modulated way around the hole.
  • Semi-rough: surface mowed less frequently and not so short, as a transition zone.
  • Rough: extensively mowed surface.
  • Calle: situada entre la salida y el green, debe ser segada corta y frecuentemente.
  • High traffic areas: The mixed or hybrid is used because the artificial support makes the natural roots better and the footstep support is better.

esquema de campo de golfThe height of the lawn in golf is measured with a special mirror and periodically.

Plantae offers the possibility to control irrigation in all areas with sensors adapted to the depths.

The degree of humidity is very important, especially in the green so as not to alter the rolling of the ball.

césped en green